Client Retention Program

Take your Gift-Giving to the highest level and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

We provide the best branding tools and tips!

In order to increase your Client Retention, after you receive your gifts from us, follow the simple steps below.


Let’s create raving-fan clients!!

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Prepare Your Gift

Take 5 seconds to put the gift bow on your gifts.
Presentation goes a long way!

If you want us to wrap your gift, ask us! 

Use The Customized Gift Letter

These gift letters should be read by your clients BEFORE they open your CUTCO gift.

It’s personalized from you/your team to your clients and will explain all of the details of what your client is receiving!

Download > Customize > Print
If you want us to do it for you, just ask!

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Deliver the Gift

When is the best time to give the gift?

Watch the video for awesome tips on
How to Gift Like a Boss!!

Gift-Giving Script

Developed along with High Achieving Clients, this approach produces results. Take your business relationship to the next level by getting the WOW response with this script:

Download > Print
Tops things to relay in what you say:
  • Giving the gift of lasting value
  • Cutco is awesome! You need to convey this to your clients and be excited as you share your story
  • Tie your clients into your business. Use this as an opportunity to set the stage as how they can continue doing business with you for years to come.

Follow up! Follow up! Follow up !

  • By sharing a fun video that explains the uses of the gift you gave them & its guarantee – that’s adding value to your clients! Embed the video link into your email campaign, or just send it on a simple email = System in Place! YouTube Channel - view product videos >
  • By asking your clients how they are liking the gift once they’ve used it. Most people do not go out of their way to say “thank you” for a thank you gift. You need to ask to get the feedback – be sure to ASK FOR IT!