Why Give Gifts?

Clients Appreciate Appreciation

It’s simple: The act of giving goes a long way in building relationships and customer loyalty. Giving quality items to your customers show that you care and appreciate them, highlighting your own company’s values and shedding light to your own personal character. They’ll associate your generosity and thoughtfulness to your brand, which increases the likelihood of repeat businesses and increased referrals. And, these gifts are tax-deductible!

Stay Connected

Gift giving also goes beyond just being a nice thing to do. You now have a reason to reach out to your customer base. It’s a good way to reconnect with people you may have only spoken to strictly on business terms, and you’ll never come across as sales-y or pushy when you’re presenting them with a thoughtful gift.

Typical vs Quality

Our branded quality gifts stand apart from the crowd. While you can go to any store and pick up a typical gift card, generic food basket or bottle of wine, such gifts are not unique and, being consumable, they won’t last very long. Through Hawaii Client Gifts, you can offer personalized products that are customized for your client’s tastes, such as canteens, cutting boards and knives. Our gifts last practically forever AND they can be used daily!

More than half (63%) of companies see better customer relationships due to gift giving (Art of Giving).
Watch your business grow as you gain more sales and receive new referrals.